By MCESD#2 - Montgomery Fire Department
August 5, 2022

Burn Ban Approved for Montgomery County has been extended by Montgomery County Commissioners Court!

Montgomery County Commissioners Vote Unanimously to Extend County Burn Ban on August 2, 2022

This morning during special session, Commissioners approved the extension of the current burn ban for all unincorporated areas of Montgomery County. Per State Law, the ban can run up to 90 days from the original order date, (July 5th), unless it is rescinded.

Montgomery County is averaging 730 on the Keetch Byram Drought Index, (KBDI), roughly indicating that it would take over 7" of rainfall to return to full saturation. Some parts of the County are nearing the top end of the 1-800 scale, with readings as high as 773 along our western border.

Unfortunately, careless debris burning is still one of our leading causes of current wildfires in Texas. 88% of our state is currently in burn ban status. That’s 224 of our 254 counties. 99% of our state is experiencing some level of drought conditions. 22,984,560 is the estimated population of Texas residents living is the drought impacted area.

For the sake of protecting your family, your neighbors, our Texas residents, and all our state’s firefighters and emergency responders, please do your part and don’t let a wildfire start.

Obey local burn bans that have been established to protect you and your community.