By MCESD#2 - Montgomery Fire Department
May 22, 2023

Montgomery County Emergency Service District #2/ Montgomery F.D.

The ESD#2 Board recently approved tax exemptions for 2023 for the tax payers of the Emergency Service District #2. The Board kept the $25,000 exemption for over 65 and $25,000 disability exemptions. The Board sees the increased needs for emergency services of the district and the need to grow with the area, but also knows the needs to provide some tax breaks for the citizens. The Board voted to implement a 20 % homestead exemption for the citizens of Montgomery County ESD#2.

The MCESD#2 Board is proud to be one of two Emergency Service Districts to vote in a homestead exemption. The Board of MCESD#2 and the fire department administration looks forward to the many challenges that the increased needs of the area and growth of the area provide. The MCESD#2 Board and FD administration will continue to look at options to provide quality services to the citizens of the district while being accountable and transparent with the tax dollars.

Montgomery County ESD#2/ Montgomery FD serves 230 sq miles of northwest Montgomery County. They provide fire protection, rescue, EMS first response, and fire prevention to the area. They provide 24 hour staffing to 5 fire stations spread throughout the district. If you have any questions for the MCESD#2 Board or the fire department please contact them at 936-597-4455.

Attachment Tax exemption letter- 2023.pdf  (25k)